Branding and Style Guide / 2017

Randstad isa trusted human partner in the technology-driven world of talent


Randstad has a long history rooted in meaningful design. They came to Huge Inc and requested to rebrand, and building relation with and trust between their candidates and clients are their core feature. Most of their competitors are focused on technology and industry, but they want to focusd on the people and relationship.


Our team combine the power of today’s technology with the passion of HR professionals to create an experience that’s inherently more human. We came up with tagline Human Forward, and created positive and human centered visual language.

First thing we did was create strong visual language, so we came up with color and typography system and created illustration that can represents human forward. We’ve created an illustration and iconography system whose underlying foundation is based in binary code. Building from ones and zeros, our illustration style evolves to reveal warmer human-like qualities: friendly, disarming and inviting.

After we designed assets, we created the Brand Book. This brand book is important for randstad to represents their core value in the new branding styles with messages they want to send out to the world.

Next step was to create the House Style Guide that includes color uses, typography, graphics, and photography.